This happens often, especially if you use a Twitter client like Tweetdeck. Someone tweets something worth fav-ing so you go to fav it, except for some reason, maybe the column streamed down or maybe you just clicked the wrong Tweet and hit fav without realizing it.


What do you do?…

I’ve been enjoying this series from Samir, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t reblog it. I have been a victim of the accidental fav many times, I like his advice here. 



Episode 5: Breaking News Online With Weed Dude

Michael Rusch, aka: @weeddude, is one of the best in the business at breaking news online. Just take a look at his @mentions on Twitter and you’ll find journalists of all stripes, from the AP to BuzzFeed, retweeting his content to their followers. On The Program caught up with Weed Dude on location in Bushwick, to talk about his Twitter handle and approach to breaking news. Take a listen and let us know what you think. 

In this week’s podcast, I chat with @Weeddude about breaking news online. Listen in to hear his take on the science behind it (and also how he ended up with the @weeddude handle).



Episode 1: Anthony Weiner, Life After Politics, The Twitter Election.

Eric Koch of Hiltzik Strategies joins us for our inaugural episode. We met each other five years ago in the district office of then Rep. Anthony Weiner (I was an intern, Eric was on the press desk) so naturally, that topic is where we begin.

You can find Eric on Twitter at @EricDKoch

Here’s the first edition of my new podcast (to be aired on Tumblr). It’s called ‘On The Program’ and is a bare bones 7-10 minute interview with folks who can offer some unique perspective behind the news. I welcome your feedback and participation in future shows. 




Here at Quartz, our newsroom will be driven by a set of core obsessions. (Kevin talked about this strategy in a recent interview, and we’ll have plenty more to say about it as we approach our launch.) One of my obsessions is the Internet of Things, which refers to physical objects that…

This is pretty amazing. Quartz is geeking out their newsroom by linking a lightbulb to @quartznews mentions on Twitter. Mention them and DING, the light turns on. Careful not to abuse the privilege though, we don’t want to start a fire