Episode 6: NFL Player Agent Howard Shatsky on Player Safety, Getting Cut and Hard Knocks

This week, we speak with NFL player agent Howard Shatsky about the personal side of NFL football. Over the course of ten minutes, Shatsky tells us what happens to players when they get cut or injured and how he advises them on financial matters. Perhaps the most surprising part of the interview is Shatsky’s answer to a question on player safety. We asked him if players speak to him about the NFL’s effect on their long term health. His answer: “In all honestly, I’ve never been asked that question.” Shocking. Listen in for the full interview.  

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Here’s this week’s podcast. I’m still amazed by Howard Shatsky’s comments on player safety, especially considering the recent publicity of Football’s long term health risks. Off the air he told me you simply can’t play in the NFL if you’re afraid of getting hurt. My guess is this will be an important and growing discussion in the years to come. 

The controversial wide receiver also said the media should be positive and support the team. Obviously, he has no clue how this works.

Calling It As It Is

Kudos to ESPN New York columnist Rich Cimini for calling out Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes after Holmesimage blamed the media for unrest in the Jets lockeroom last season. “Stay away from the negative,” said Holmes. “No,” says Cimini. Or more eloquently, as he put it, “Earth to Planet Tone: We’re not cheerleaders, we report the news.” 


It is the strength of LeGrand’s will, however, that prompted the Buccaneers to sign him to their roster. If Tampa Bay’s personnel department developed a scouting report on LeGrand, as they do on all players they are considering signing, the first line was surely: “Will never quit.”

Tampa Bay Bucs Sign Eric LeGrand

Eric LeGrand, a former Rutgers football player who was paralyzed from the neck down in an October 2010 football game, signed with the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Tuesday. The Bucks, now coached by Greg Schiano (once
LeGrand’s coach at Rutgers), announced the signing via a news item on Buccaneers.com. The post contains a powerful line in which the team said LeGrand’s scouting report surely includes the words “Will never quit”.

Also included was this moving story from a recent Sports Illustrated Article:

Last October… LeGrand told SI.com’s Jon Wertheim that his goal was to visit the spot on the Giants Stadium field where he was hurt, lie down there once again, and then get back up and walk away.

Wishing Eric a full recovery. 

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