Now Airing…On YouTube

HBO put its premier of The Newsroom on YouTube yesterday, making the entire 72 minute pilot available for free. 

All told, I thought the premier was better than the reviews made it out to be. Of course, you’ll need to willingly suspend disbelief for a while, but the characters are good and it’s a neat look into the production of a news broadcast. 

The show premiered to 2.1 million viewers, which isn’t bad. After just finishing season five of The Wire, I’m glad to be back in the dramatized newsroom. 

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CNN’s John King opened Thursday’s presidential debat with a call for Newt Gingrich to comment on recent allegations that he requested an ‘open marriage,’ among other potentially-salacious accusations that are expected to be revealed at a later time on ABC’s “Nightline” news magazine program.

Gingrich was not pleased. [CNN via Mediaite]

Boy did Newt rip John on this one. I mean, Mr. King had to have been expecting some sort of response like the one he got. But geez, the last place I’d want to be in the world last night would be in King’s shoes at that moment. Key in on his facial expressions while taking the tongue lashing. It’s painful.